Beginning, 1998

Paul Adams was born on December 26, 1986, in Johnson City, New York. He got his degree after he moved to Los Angeles with his family.

He was writing down his own observations about people and society since he was a teenager. He knew he wanted to be a writer by age 25, and honed his craft while attending the University. His short stories he was writing until 1998 soon caught attention of an independent publisher.

The first book, 2005

After moving to San Francisco in the early 2000s, Adams appeared on a few local TV channels, reading his story "The Essence of Our Society".

This story became his path to commercial social literature as it was published soon after Paul appeared on TV. His first book “Business: The World of Relationships” was a critical and commercial success, as were his follow-up efforts “Hire Geniuses for Your Business” and others.

Best Seller, 2016

After publishing his latest book “Learn How to Fire the Wrong People” in 2014, Paul took part in the interview where he told he’s taking a break from writing.

However, in early 2016 he announced that he has finished working on his new book, which will be entitled “Makers and Takers”. A few fragments from the book were published on his website.After its publishing in summer 2016, the book became an instant best seller.

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