Charlotte Renk

When Life cannot find a philosopher to speak her mind,
she finds a poet who can sing her heart. –Kahlil Gibran

This Great Turtle Heart

In This Great Turtle Heart, Charlotte Renk fuses scholarship and artistry, the scientist's precision, and the poets rapture, as she charts the arduous odyssey of a larger-than-life box turtle. Drawing on biology, myth, folklore, history and literature, Renk examines meticulously every facet of her subject's journey to capture both "the beauty and the burden of earth," its "dust-covered deserts" as well as the "Golden gasps of light" creating in the process a vision that enfolds and ultimately transforms the reader. In an epoch of division and rancor, this work affirms the necessity of connections and compassion. These truly are poems for our time.

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Charlotte Renk

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About the Author

After completing her Ph.D. from L.S.U. and teaching there for five years, Charlotte Renk moved to Athens, Texas and found inspiration for poetry and stories that come from long walks in the woods behind her East Texas cabin and from reflections accumulated over many years while teaching English, Humanities, and Creative Writing at Trinity Valley Community College.

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