Great Book for Business

“Learn How to Fire the Wrong People” is not just another one of the numerous books on management of human resources. It is a pragmatic, hands-on approach that anyone can use to improve the quality of management. A must-read for anyone who needs to compete in the modern business. This book has been a great help in learning how I can stay in the know with all the aspects of running by business.

Jeffrey Neddery, CEO, iStep International

Interesting Book. Real-life Examples

The tools and insights you share in this book have been instrumental in elevating my leadership and results. It’s required reading for any leader looking to play to his or her strengths and inspire others to win. I recommend it not just to CEOs and team leads but also to junior managers who work in the sphere of human resources. Some of the tips and tricks described here can help any manager.

Amanda smith, Executive Director, WSH Co.

This Book is a Must-Have!

Professional skills in HR management represent one of the most important things that will lead you to success. In “Hire Geniuses for Your Business”, there are many interesting and useful recommendations of how to hire the specialists you need for the job. Paul Adams described all aspects of HR manager’s work and why it’s so important for candidates to understand what the job requires before applying.

jane wilson, HR Manager, Innovative Ltd.

Best SCRUM Guide!

Most agile processes are empty of any advice on forming a company or product strategy. It’s good when they are used with the deep understanding of such processes but for those who are new to Agile and Scrum, I recommend the book “Building efficient SCRUM” as it is a perfect guide to Scrum and Agile. Paul Adams did a great work on explaining why this technology of development is important to both customers and managers.

peter Johnson, Manager, Thompson & Co.