These Holy Hungers

These Holy Hungers

Charlotte Renk
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This poet is having a thrilling, heart-stopping, pulse-racing affair with the English language, and we're all invited to join in. What lover would not want to be caressed and crooned over the way this author does with every poem, every word? Not only is this writer incredibly gifted with language, she is a highly-accomplished storyteller as well, with an amazing knack of pulling the reader into the story itself. The combination of these two things makes this collection one that every true aficionado of poetry will want on his or her shelf.

I don't think I've ever come across such a rich, magnificent poetic voice; your images are incomparable, your language fresh and exciting, your subject matter deep, poignant and sweet... l'm reeling from the genius-this manuscript cries out to be set loose on the world.

Susan Ranglack 2008 Judge, Edwin M. Eakin Memorial Book Publication Award

For many years, I have followed the poetry of Charlotte Renk with interest and deep respect. Her poems are intriguingly paradoxical: rich with mythological allusions yet "down-home" and accessible; musical and aesthetically appealing yet layered with psychological depth. In These Holy Hungers, Renk probes the complexities of the human heart with the clarity and insight of a shaman, and with consummate poetic skill, offers up the "nourishment" of highest art.

Larry D. Thomas2008 Texas Poet Laureate, Author of New and Selected Poems (TCU Press 2008)

Some poets are safe. Some poets write poems that area sweet and easy and don't keep us up at night. Charlotte Renk is not that type of poet. Charlotte writes poems that are dangerous, poems that are piercing, dynamic, full of sleeve-grabbing images and sounds, poems that are full of fury and passion and desire. Somehow her poems are raw and polished simultaneously. Charlotte's poems will keep you up at night-but only because they are so, so good.

Alan Lee BirkelbachTexas Poet Laureate